Rovereto, just north of Verona, has always been a cultural crossroad, a ring of connections between plains, mountains, Italian and German culture.

The city is deeply rooted in the Venetian domination of the 15th century, in the institutions founded in the 1700s and in its excellent international museums, from the Mart to the War Museum.

All around, the Vallagarina, welcomes you with a nearly unchanged landscape: the prestigious vineyards of valley, crossed by the Adige River, dominated by castles and dotted with villages of ancient origins, the Brentonico’s subalpine pastures in the Monte Baldo Park, Val di Gresta’s terraced fields, and the rocky peaks of the Piccole Dolomiti di Vallarsa.

Rovereto will amaze you with its international museums. Stroll through art, history and science and discover the Venetian feel of the old town center.

Set amid hills and vineyards, Rovereto is in the center of Valle dell’Adige, along the main road linking Trento and Verona.

We advise you to explore the city on foot, the streets of the city center are like a journey through different time periods:

  • the Middle Ages in the walls of Castelbarco
  • the dominion of the Republic of Venice in the home of the Podestà
  • the Eighteenth Century in the palazzi of Corso Bettini
  • the First World War in the rooms of the castle

Along the city streets, you can see the most important and prestigious Eighteenth century palazzi, from Accademia degli Agiati, to Teatro Zandonai, to the city library in palazzo Annona.

Many illustrous guests have visited the city. Perhaps the most famous is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who held his first concert in Italy in the church of San Marco.

In Rovereto you can visit museums of arthistory and science such as Mart, Depero’s House of Futurist Art, the Italian War Museum and the City Museum Foundation.

city-stage, Rovereto offers a rich playbill of artistic events, from dance, theater, music, cinema and archeological events, to seasons of prose and outdoor shows. Through these events, you can experience a city that has been a crossroad of peoples and cultures since time immemorial: Oriente Occidente, the Mozart festival, the week of Mozart and the season of Archaeological Cinema.

Rovereto is also a City of Peace, as evidenced by the large memorial bell Campana dei Caduti. Cast using bronze of the cannons of the nations that took part in WWI, each evening its 100 tolls spread a universal message of peace.

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(Photo Credit, Carlo Baroni)

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